All of the pottery is handcrafted in Atlanta, GA. Each piece is made in small batches causing some variations in form, finish, size and color. Therefore, making each piece of pottery special.

All dinnerware items are food safe and made with non-toxic materials unless stated otherwise. They are also microwave and dishwasher safe, though hand washing is recommended to properly care for your piece. Unglazed pottery will do great with a little baking soda scrub after awhile.


All earrings are made with nickel free material and is made with sterling silver metals. The non-glazed parts of wearable jewelry is more prone to picking up debris and dyes from the clothing we wear. This can be  easily washed off with a little bit of hand soap and a scrub from a lightly abrasive cloth/ sponge.

Stoneware isn’t as fragile as porcelain clay but you must remember that it’s not as strong as metal. Please do not rough house your jewelry.