Is my piece dishwasher safe?

It is safe! Hand washing is only recommended in order to extend the longevity of your ceramics

How long does it take to make a piece from start to finish?

With throwing, drying, trimming, resting, firing, glazing, firing and sanding a piece can take about a 3-4 weeks long.

Do you have studio visits?

I currently work from home so public visits aren’t feasible. I’m working on receiving funding which will go towards starting up a studio so I can provide studio visits and close knit workshops for the community.

Do you do custom orders?

Send me a message and I can review your custom orders. Custom orders usually take 3-4 weeks to produce with the same shipping times. Order size may change production time and custom orders must fit the aesthetics of the shop.

What if my item is delivered broken?

Oh no! Please photograph it within a day of it's arrival and I can replace it with an item of equal value. 

Can I order wholesale?

Wholesale applications are now open December 01, 2018. Visit the wholesale page for more details.

Why are your mug handles crazy large?

I like to get really outrageous and funky with my ceramic designs. I truly believe it’s a one size fits all design and besides, everyone with small, medium or large hands should be able to have a mug that fits them.

Can you tell me about the different clay’s you use?

Yes, this information is actually here.



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